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AgroInfoSys  AgroInfoSys is an international development service providing online assessments of agricultural information systems prototypes

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Better information for agriculture...

As our principal source of food, fibre & feedstocks, the agricultural sector, faces increasing challenges. With the current global recesssion, public funding austerity, the new European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for the period 2014-2020 will undergo significant changes. The European Union is faced with the challenge of using public financial resources more effectively both in the European Union's agricultural sector as well as in its aid efforts in low income countries which often target agricultural and rural development.

AgroInfoSys is reviewing how advancing information technologies and techniques can contribute to higher performance Agricultural Information Systems to support more effective decision analysis and enhanced performance in the supply chains of the EU and low income regions such as ACP country agricultural sectors.
Introduction is a prototyping platform for the assessment of online agricultural information systems and sub-systems built using server side ECMAScript1. is sponsored by the George Boole Foundation, London. The platform is located at the server farm located in Seattle.

Principal Activities

We develop operational leading edge Agricultural Information Systems. Our basis for work is the practical demonstration of functionality as opposed to paper-based proposals for which feasibility often remains uncertain. Our activities therefore include proof of concept demonstrations, benchmark testing and operational capacity assessment. A fundamental part of this work it estimation of costs for implementation and operations. By applying a full project management cycle approach we can audit resource requirements to determine the feasibility and sustainability of systems according to available resources. Depending upon the information management needs and available human and financial resources we can assist any group including government, agencies, service companies and individuals plan a staged development programme. This helps minimise the risks and costs while maximising the degree of functionality of systems. We apply a prototyping model which permits potential customers review operational modules of the parts of a system that represent potential analytical or functional challenges. As a result of proof of concept based upon operational modules, the risk, on the part of the customer, is significantly lowered because feasibility is proven and the development team can implement systems quicker and to a higher standard than through conventional methods of design/implementation.

1  ECMAScript is the international standard for JavaScript (standard no 262 at ECMA and ISO/IEC standard no 16262). The leading ECMAScript extension for server side design & implementation is DScript™. For further information on server side ECMAScripting visit

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